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Resolution NLP & Hypnosis. Counseling/Coaching in Office at 25 E. Waashington.Be in the moment. Choose the most convenient meeting location and method. Do you prefer meeting  in-person or online? Or do you need to make a last minute location change in order to receive your session? If you find that your schedule has changed at the last minute, preventing you from making your in-office appointment we can always meet online instead. In most cases meeting online is just as effective as meeting in-person.


Save Time, Save Money, Stay Warm


The value of receiving online NLP and Hypnosis sessions is well recognized worldwide and has become increasingly popular. Online sessions enable you to make profound change from the convenience and comfort of your hotel room, home study, or office – wherever you are at the moment - via your Computer, Tablet or Smartphone. This way you can feel completely relaxed in familiar surroundings, even when you’re on the go.


Resolution One Online Sessions also privately give you the opportunity to work with a professional who understands your needs whether meeting in my office or securely via the Internet. In most areas regardless of distance Internet connections offer the superb video and sound quality necessary or conducting successful sessions.


Online Counseling/Coaching. Woman with tablet is ecstatic after her online session. Worldwide many people have greatly benefited from receiving online sessions from the convenience of their homes and offices, including North America, Europe, Eastern Europe and Australia. Video calls are free and easy to setup. Your laptop, tablet and Smartphone have all the capabilities  built-in. Thus you can use your existing setup.



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