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ReducePost Traumatic Stress ( PTSD) w/ Hypnosis, NLP and Time Line Therapy - Resolution Chicago


Post Traumatic Stress


The use of Timeline Resolution (age regression hypnosis), NLP and Hypnotherapy for PTSD symptoms is very effective in reducing or eliminating its uncontrollable effects.


Is it possible that NLP and Hypnotherapy can cure PTSD symptoms? What about Timeline Resolution?


Worldwide Timeline Resolution  has been widely heralded in over 27 countries as a highly effective treatment of PTSD. Timelines have been successfully used by The Warrior Programme (UK) plus the Council of Psychotherapy (Croatia) to help their veteran soldiers re-experience a  normal life.


Timeline Resolution is useful for helping bring you back to normalcy . It is proven successful for long-lasting relief with results that can be astonishingly fast.


Stopping or reducing  PTSD's mental and emotional effects can also result in related physical improvements, e.g. reducing muscular tension, heavy sweating, sluggishness, aches, pains, and insomnia can disappear. Along with improvements in your senses of self-esteem, self-worth.


Some common experiences of PTSD are continuous thoughts about traumatic events, Anger, Feeling numb,  Nightmares,

constantly being on the alert for danger, vividly reliving Flashbacks


Sometimes PTSD symptoms appear immediately following trauma. For others, PTSD symptoms occur days or years later.


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Stop Obsessing/OCD w/ Hypnosis andNLP - Resolution Cicago


Obsessive Compulsive


Stop Obsessing. OCD Therapy. My clients have experienced tremendous relief through the use of Hypnotherapy and NLP. The two methods complement each other well and are powerfully effective in reducing or eliminating the effects of Obsessions and Compulsions.  NLP and Hypnosis can help you stop obsessing and end compulsions by effortlessly re-training your mind to automatically respond in a suitable fashion.


Common Obsessions and Compulsions








Hypnotherapy and NLP can help enable you to live a healthy, fulfilling life - the way you'd like it to be.


If you choose to get treatment of OCD from me, you can receive related benefits e.g. reduce depression; reduce stress and anxiety; stop fearing and phobias.

You can be free to lead a normal life.  Along with improvements  in your overall physical, emotional and mental well-being your senses of self-esteem, self-worth, self-love and self-appreciation can improve markedly.


So stop obsessing. Use Hypnotherapy and NLP to help you get , long-lasting relief. Your results can be amazingly fast.


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  • Stop Smoking
  • Stop Overeating
  • Stop Nail Biting
  • Stop Gambling
  • Stop Anger
  • Procrastination
  • Relationships
  • Hoarding
  • Anorexia
  • Bulimia
Life Coaching with Hypnotherapy, NLP and Time Line Therapy - Resolution Chicago


Private Sessions


To get more out of life, get the best of both worlds – Hypnotherapy complemented by NLP. Whether you're stuck in a life situation and want to be free. Or you've tried hard yet have never been able to achieve your dreams. Resolution Chicago can help you move forward.


Your first session makes the difference.


People with various levels of mental and emotional challenges normally respond very well to Hypnosis and NLP.


  • Stop Obsessing
  • Reduce or Stop Depression
  • Relieve Stress and Anxiety
  • Overcome Fears and Phobias
  • Cure Post Traumatic Stress
  • Prevent Panic Attacks


Even the most severe cases, typically respond very well to Hypnotherapy and NLP treatments. Many individuals seeking treatment go on to lead healthy, productive lives. In general, I complement my treatment with NLP and Hypnotherapy as needed. The specific approaches used depend largely on the type of discomfort, its severity, and personal preference.


Individuals who think they are experiencing one type of mental or emotional discomfort commonly struggle with others as well. The earlier that treatment begins, the more effective it is and the greater the likelihood of preventing physical or other mental/emotional complications.


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