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Let Go of Your Past.


How did I get into the privileged position of helping you with your life? By thinking a lot smarter. Big changes start by changing very small things – the concepts you use to understand your world.


It comes from two transformational approaches to personal growth and development, Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or NLP. When I was studying them, I got a feel for how our self-talk is at the cornerstone of much more than our understandings, but also our behavior and physical health. Also I saw how our body-language means far more than the words we speak.

Admittedly, I didn't always know what to do with it. It wasn't until I was taken to task with the challenges of my then new business where I used the powerful capabilities of Hypnosis and NLP to great benefit, both personally and professionally.


That's a testament to the command these life-changing systems have. If you don’t want to do big things in your life, you may not want to draw from their benefits. But if you’re in need of that critical boost that will turn your life around, like I was, then can you stand to ride to new levels of success and personal happiness? And best of all: it's your own ultra-capabilities that get you there.


Mine wasn't a perfect ride. During the course of operating my business, I lost track of my “me”priorities; While sales zoomed and profits screamed, I held fast to certain rules that didn't serve “me” in the long run. I realized that if I had adhered more closely to my core human needs, I would have been much happier inside. I wouldn’t have given up a very successful operation to take a 3 year long sabbatical. In those moments I understood that the value wasn't in my outside interpretations, but in respecting what I most deeply wanted – valuing myself independently from my achievements and accomplishments.


Dare to step outside your bounds, and expect to land solidly on your feet


In my life's new chapter of providing coaching, Hypnosis and NLP certification, I feel grateful for teaching from a place of experience rather than from a scheme that hasn't been tested in the real world. Coming from learned experience, the teachings I give come acroDss more clearly in the minds and hearts of my trainees and coaching clients.


Perception is everything.


I have drawn deeply from the well of Hypnosis and NLP, and the brain trust that their instructors and adherents comprise. I was trained and certified by the co-founder of NLP itself. I, am certified as a Hypnosis Instructor and NLP trainer with dual certifications as an NLP Master Practitioner. It’s a big part of my life, but like you, I want life to be rich, full, and varied. Thus I have involved myself in varied but complimentary practices that add to the mission of enriching lives, including Psychology and TimeLine Resolution, a breakthrough program of my own design.


Of course my training and coaching programs are most rewarding when they are explored in full detail. But if I had to condense my approach down into a capsule of advice for my followers, it would be this: Be Visionary – Know Who You Are and What You Want – Be Strong, Outrageous and Have Fun!


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Tim Marshall, NLP Trainer, Hypnosis Instructor,
International Coaching Certification

Tim Marshall, Hypnosis Instructor Certification
Tim Marshall, NLP Trainer Certification


Vanquishing Fear


The idea of conquering fear used to give me the heebie-jeebies. Inside a dark feeling

of foreboding used to ensue. The breakthroughs that I experienced are still truly amazing, after only 3 sessions. Now (6 months later) the apprehension is gone. I never thought I would go public but I'm so entirely pleased with my relief that I first wrote about it and then later decided to post it.


In a light Hypnosis state, Tim had me discover my Timeline then venture out on it. He also had me trust my instincts which proved to be right on the money. :-)  With his guidance I ventured back to the time my fear was first created then was able to uncover profoundly useful ways to handling it. During the session the fear magically went  away entirely. It stopped. A powerful feeling of release just came all over me.


The whole process was utterly fascinating. I learned things about myself that I never knew before. With very little effort I'm able to put the pieces of my thinking together so much better than ever before.


I never knew it would be so easy. Tim made me feel very comfortable from the start. He made me believe that I could change. He is very positive and encouraging. His patience and the sound of his voice put me completely at ease, and most importantly I felt very safe. Although I had doubts at first, now I know, because I'm living proof.


On another note I’ve always had a lot of self-confidence and thought very highly of myself. I’m very accomplished. What else I gained was learning that I had distorted my concepts of self-image which unbeknownst to me had hindered me in other areas.  Once I realized how I had been affected and the brunt it's had on my relationships, I’ve been able to realize a more wholesome set of qualities that are positively impacting my attitudes towards my fellow-workers, people in general and in life itself.


I now foresee an even brighter future for myself as well as those around me. I've said it before, "Tim you're a gem."


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