Tim Marshall

NLP Trainer, Hypnosis Instructor,
Executive Life Coach

If you don't do more than you think you can, you won't excel.

Got Neurons? Then don't just survive. Thrive. Achieve peak performance. Get fit. Think a lot smarter. Big change starts by changing very small things – the concepts you use to shape your view of the world.


The best change comes from two transformational approaches to personal growth and development: Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP. When I first studied them, I got a feel for how our self-talk is at the cornerstone of much more than our understandings but also our behavior and physical health. Also I saw how our body-language means far more than the words we speak.


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Executive Life Coaching

To Change Your Life

Hypnosis and NLP Certification
Training To Change Lives

Professional Athletes and Top Executives Have Coaches. Shouldn't You?


NLP & Hypnosis may not be the most popular games in-town, yet they are the most effective. You can experience amazing results during your first session. Get more out of life! Enjoy the success and fulfillment that you deserve. Get lasting relief. Change sadness into happiness. Fear into courage. Worry & stress into real self-assurance. Trauma & anger into peace of mind. Low self-esteem into pride and positive self-worth.


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My Hypnosis and NLP courses aren't broadcast all over the universe, but my student-experts know we're pretty stellar. They're amazed at the high levels of personal growth and development gained in a very short time.


Unlock your greater potential. Managers and executives gain powerful influence tools. Complement your therapy practice, Become a superior Coach, Psychotherapist or Counselor.


Master core principles as well as new  developments in Hypnosis, NLP New Code,  Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Get certified today.

Call (312) 854-2270.


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 Interpersonal Communications Personal Growth and Development Call (312) 854-2270
 Interpersonal Communications Personal Growth and Development Call (312) 854-2270