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Resolution NLP & Hypnosis specializes in helping professionals and executives at all levels (18+). Clear up hard to change behaviors with complex emotional responses involving unhappiness, shame, fear, pain, anger, etc. Clear out inner conflict, anxieties, stress, self-abuse, addictive behaviors, gorging, purging, and psychosomatic issues..


Let Go of the Past

NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and regression hypnosis are used to accelerate personal growth and freedom from stuck behaviors, resistant emotional responses and the ravages of past trauma, e.g., emotional abuse. A supportive, results-oriented approach allows people to lead happier, more fulfilled, more productive lives.


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Also, NLP and Hypnosis can provide significant additive benefits that complement conventional therapies, whereas the discomforts attributed to taking prescribed drugs can be substantially reduced or eliminated. Private Online sessions are available, as well.






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Why Choose Tim Marshall and Resolution NLP & Hypnosis

Photo of Tim Marshall, President of Resolution ChicagoTim Marshall (certified NLP & Hypnosis Trainer) uses NLP and/or Hypnosis where it benefits you the most. Each and every person who chooses to work with him is unique and special. Thus he adapts his approach to meet your needs at every juncture of the change process. In addition to NLP and Hypnosis he is am experienced in other approaches as well. Therefore, you gain from maximum effectiveness.

Your behaviors are the result of unconscious decisions to fulfill a needs that only resemble what you want to achieve. Thus, change is most effective when you change your perceptions about the underlying benefits and decisions as well as the external behavior. In this way your change is more comfortable and long lasting. You then own how much better you feel inside as well as your new behaviors. Whereas, most coaches and many psychotherapists work to change only the behavior, hoping that external change trickles down to unconscious decisions making new behaviors temporary while lengthening the process.

So if you're suffering from one of the maladies labeled in the DMS V, hypnosis and NLP can be an excellent complement or replacement to almost every treatment, whether you're receiving it now or for past treatment. If you've been with a psychotherapist or psychiatrist and have stopped, either because the drugs are not working or you've seem to have come to a point where you're getting nowhere, then you owe it to yourself to find out if NLP and hypnosis are the next (frequently the final) leg of your journey. You may very well be pleasantly surprised at the results.

As a certified trainer of both NLP and hypnosis he stays on his toes in order to give his coaching clients and students the absolute best - better than someone who does not train. With hundreds of satisfied clients and as one of the top trainers and coaches in the industry, he is certified by NLP's co-founder and also the founder of Time Line Therapy.

As well he has extensive backgrounds in business ownership and management, communications, finance and accounting. Since the early 1990's he has used both NLP and Hypnosis to improve relationships through better communications; overcome personal hurdles, and achieve goals. As a result he has helped many business owners and executives.



Tim Marshall's Certifications: Hypnosis Instructor, NLP Trainer, NLP Master Practitioner, Master Time Line Therapist, Master Coach

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